J. Budziszewski

Professor Budziszewski specializes in political philosophy, ethical philosophy, and the interaction of religion with philosophy.

Among his research interests are classical natural law, virtue ethics, moral self deception, family and sexuality, and the problem of toleration.

His books include The Resurrection of Nature: Political Theory and the Human Character (Cornell, 1986), The Nearest Coast of Darkness: A Vindication of the Politics of Virtues (Cornell, 1988), True Tolerance: Liberalism and the Necessity of Judgment (Transaction, 1992), Written on the Heart: The Case for Natural Law (InterVarsity, 1997), The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man (Spence, 1999), Evangelicals in the Public Square (Baker Academic, 2006), Natural Law for Lawyers (Blackstone Fellowship, 2006), The Line Through the Heart: Natural Law as Fact, Theory, and Sign of Contradiction (Intercollegiate Studies Institute Press, 2009), What We Can’t Not Know: A Guide (2d ed. Ignatius, 2011), and On the Meaning of Sex (Intercollegiate Studies Institute Press, 2012), and Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Law (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

His newest book is Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Virtue Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Knowledge, power and obsession
30 Mar 2020 | FEATURES |  
tags: Christianity, nuclear weapons, science
What Robert A. Oppenheimer got wrong about science and Christianity

Bad reasoning about hard choices
24 Mar 2020 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, human dignity, logic
Having to choose whom to save in an emergency is nothing like abortion

Free stuff and aspirational rights
12 Mar 2020 | ABOVE |  
tags: Decalogue, human rights, welfare state
The Decalogue is the most powerful antipoverty program known to man

Whither populism?
2 Mar 2020 | FEATURES |  
tags: elites, populism
We need elites, but they need to respect the people

What Obergefell isn’t
19 Feb 2020 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: Obergefell v. Hodges, rights, same-sex marriage
It did not give homosexuals the right to marry – they already had it

The teacher’s pledge
3 Feb 2020 | FEATURES |  
tags: education, truth
Allegiance to Truth has to trump adherence to passing fads

The student’s contract
3 Feb 2020 | FEATURES |  
tags: academe
A professor's rules for a trigger-happy generation

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad
16 Jan 2020 | FEATURES |  
tags: US Constitution, US politics
The Framers of the US Constitution wrote rules for fighting fair, but some people don't

Away with the manger
13 Dec 2019 | ABOVE |  
tags: atheism, Christians, Christmas
Advice for a young Christian in an atheist family at Christmas

Sex and logical reasoning: difficult but not impossible
12 Nov 2019 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: dialogue, philosophy, sex
Getting someone to see what is right in front of his eyes

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