Win for conscientious objection in Norway

Michael Cook | 22 October 2018 | FEATURES |  
tags: conscientious objection, Norway

Lighten up - a message from the world’s religions

Peter Stockland | 8 Dec 2016 | ABOVE |  
tags: Christmas, Norway, Pope Francis

Beating the winter blues in Norway

Kari Leibowitz | 11 January 2016 | FEATURES |  
tags: depression, Norway, seasons
One small city might hold the answer to seasonal affective disorder.

A funny thing happened on the way to gender equality in Norway

Carolyn Moynihan | 25 November 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: evolutionary psychology, gender theory, Norway
A comedian found there was no science to support it.

Norway rethinks its acceptance of divorce

Nicole M. King | 06 November 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: divorce, Marriage, Norway

Norway’s theatre of the absurd

Theron Bowers | 25 June 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: Anders Behring Breivik, justice, mass shootings, Norway, psychiatry
The psychiatrists and prosecutors are crazier than the man who killed 77 innocent people last year.

The barbarian inside the gates

Phillip Elias | 25 April 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: Breivik, Norway, psychiatry
How can we know whether Breivik is sane or insane, responsible or not responsible?

Lessons from the island of Utøya

Michael Cook | 24 April 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: Breivik, mass shootings, morality, Norway
The trial of a Norwegian mass murderer puts contemporary moral standards in the dock as well.

Another death in the family

Michael Cook | 08 November 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: euthanasia, Norway, United Kingdom
Did a famous London physician euthanase two of the crowned heads of Europe?

Anders Breivik’s broken family

Carolyn Moynihan | 27 July 2011 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: family breakdown, Norway
Norway is one of those Scandinavian countries which are often lauded for their social security and even “family-friendly” policies. But it appears from this tragic episode that there are some things social welfare and openness do not guarantee.

Googling for madness

Michael Cook | 26 July 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: Google, internet, mass shootings, Norway
Anders Behring Breivik absorbed all of his murderous ideology from the internet.

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