character education

The right one for you? The True Love Character Test

Thomas Lickona | 18 February 2020 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: character education, dating, marriage

Raising Kind Kids: 5 simple things you can do

Thomas Lickona | 02 August 2018 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: character education, kindness, parenting, virtue

How to raise kind kids - and make family life happier

Andrew Mullins | 10 April 2018 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: book reviews, character education, virtue

Battling pornography: strategies for home and classroom

Thomas Lickona | 07 February 2017 | FEATURES |  
tags: character education, children, pornography
The good news is that media literacy and character development can protect kids.

Raising children of character in a toxic culture

Thomas Lickona | 29 September 2015 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: character education, sex education

Why I will keep fighting the culture war about sexuality

Thomas Lickona | 19 August 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: character education, culture wars, sexual revolution
A psychologist and educator responds to David Brooks' plea to quit.

Educating character through fables

Jennifer Minicus | 17 February 2015 | READING MATTERS |  
tags: animals, character, character education, fables

What did students learn before 24/7 distraction was invented?

Denyse O'Leary | 22 Sep 2014 | CONNECTING |  
tags: character education, literacy, reading

Are you loving or spoiling your kids?

Tamara El-Rahi | 26 March 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: character education, parenting, resposnsibility

Losing weight by gaining character

Daniel Bernardus van Schalkwijk | 05 November 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: character, character education, obesity
Self-control is more effective than gastric banding in the fight against obesity.

Teaching children the facts of life

Louise Kirk | 24 June 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: character education, parental rights, sex education
With new science and story-telling techniques the task is actually getting easier for parents.

Stephen Covey: reviving the forgotten notion of virtue

Andrew Mullins | 22 August 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: character education, management, virtue
The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People sold tens of millions of copies, promoting the old-fashioned message that success begins with virtues.

A timeless message to teens: mow the lawn, wash the windows, learn to cook…

Carolyn Moynihan | 20 August 2012 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: character education, social media, teenagers
Some messages take a long time to catch on -- or perhaps they are things that need to be said at regular intervals, forever. Answers, for example, to the complaint, “I’m bored.”

Attention, please

Mariette Ulrich | 13 August 2012 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: character education, child development
Judging by a glance at the title, this article seems fit for the “patently obvious” files: “Preschool Children Who Can Pay Attention More Likely to Finish College”. But there’s more to it than just that seemingly self-evident observation.

Values for life

Louise Kirk | 29 February 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: character education, sex education
Most sex education fails because it does not prepare children for life. A successful values programme is changing all that.

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