Faith and science: a dialogue, not a debate

Megan Hodder | 28 January 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: obituaries, science and faith
Ian Barbour’s life demonstrated the harmony between physics and faith.

From hawk to dove: the political career of Ariel Sharon

Asaf Siniver | 14 January 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: Israel, obituaries, Palestine
The former Israeli prime minister dies at 85 after decades as polarising presence.

An African pragmatist

Eugene Ohu | 07 December 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: Nelson Mandela, obituaries, reconcilation, South Africa
Nelson Mandela was a great man, but as flawed and inconsistent as the rest of us.

Lasting impressions of Nelson Mandela, 1918 - 2013

Carolyn Moynihan | 06 December 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: Nelson Mandela, obituaries
May he rest in peace, and his ideals not be forgotten.

Enugu Book Project founder dies

Alice Trimmer | 14 November 2013 | HARAMBEE |  
tags: Harambee USA, Nigeria, obituaries

Burying Thatcher: why celebrating death is still wrong

Patrick Stokes | 17 April 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: death, ethics, Margaret Thatcher, obituaries
Our dealings with the dead are just as ethically governed as our dealings with the living.

A conviction politician

David Alton | 09 April 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: Margaret Thatcher, obituaries, United Kingdom
A political opponent pays tribute to Margaret Thatcher's character while questioning her social policies.

A sense of purpose

Peter Smith | 09 April 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: Margaret Thatcher, obituaries, United Kingdom
Mrs Thatcher’s steely resolve to improve Britain is sorely needed today, but tempered by compassion for the post-industrial working class.

She served her country well

Joanna Bogle | 09 April 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: Margaret Thatcher, obituaries, United Kingdom
Courage, kindness and conviction were the hallmarks of the Margaret Thatcher I knew.

More than just a pretty face

Michael Cook | 09 April 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: Hollywood, obituaries
Hollywood is mourning the greatest Mouseketeer of them all, Annette Funicello, who died on the same day as Maggie Thatcher.

Bracingly liberal views

Dwight G. Duncan | 28 February 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: law, obituaries, political correctness
Legal scholar Ronald Dworkin, the grand old man of political correctness, died earlier this month.

“I am very happy now”

Francis Phillips | 09 November 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: death with dignity, Liverpool Care Pathway, obituaries
MercatorNet's book reviewer describes the good death of a dear brother.

Requiem for a truth-teller

Robert P. George | 19 October 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: Communism, obituaries, truth
Historian Eugene Genovese was a teller of truth, even when the truth to be told was ugly, embarrassing, humiliating.

Vale, Ray Bradbury

Walter Pless | 08 June 2012 | FEATURES |  
tags: obituaries, science fiction
Novelist. Poet. Visionary. America's best-loved science fiction writer was also a kindly mentor.

Just one hitch with all those eulogies

Michael Cook | 19 December 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: human dignity, obituaries
Who was the greater public intellectual, Christopher Hitchens or Vaclav Havel?

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