May Archive

My Brother the Pope

Francis Phillips | 11 May 2012
A book-length interview with Pope Benedict XVI's brother, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, makes charming reading.

June Archive

Pope Benedict goes where no pontiff has gone before…

Carolyn Moynihan | 30 June 2011
Benedict XVI sent his first Twitter message this week (June 28) to announce the launch of the new Vatican website.

January Archive

No “smoking gun” in Irish TV revelations

Carolyn Moynihan | 21 January 2011
A programme about clerical sexual abuse aired January 17 by Irish broadcaster RTE attempted to prove that the Vatican had a worldwide policy encouraging bishops to conceal sexual abuse by priests.

December Archive

Pope and clerical abuse: evidence for the defence

Carolyn Moynihan | 06 December 2010
Pope Benedict is still “in the dock” over clerical sexual abuse as far as leading media are concerned.

US “surprised” at election of Benedict - Wikileaks

Rome Reports | 01 December 2010
Apparently, not even the sophisticated U.S. intelligence services were able to penetrate the walls of the Sistine Chapel.

November Archive

“Our fathers in the faith” - Benedict on the Jews

Carolyn Moynihan | 29 November 2010
Pope Benedict's thoughts on the Jews and Israel in his book interview, though unfavourably heralded by out-of-context remarks on Pope Pius XII, receive attentive and positive coverage in a report in The Jerusalem Post.

The Pope’s new book covers more than one topic

Rome Reports | 24 November 2010
The Pope's new book isn't just about condoms. Rome Reports gives a good overview.

Pope’s comments on condoms launch controversy

Michael Cook | 22 November 2010
Well, I’m glad that I am not handling Vatican public relations. Here’s a curly one about condoms from Joseph Ratzinger speaking as a private individual, and not as “The Vatican”, or “The Holy Father”. Understandably, it is difficult to separate the two, which is why we have a controversy. See Jack Valero, of Catholic Voices, a UK group, attempting to explain it to the BBC in the YouTube video above.

October Archive

Judge helps lawyer flog a dead horse—or cash cow

Kica Perez Warnisher | 11 October 2010
A federal U.S. judge is asking the Vatican to cooperate in serving the pope and two other top officials with court papers that stem from decades-old allegations of priest sexual abuse in Wisconsin.

September Archive

Popularity of the Pope’s visit ‘confounded’ opponents, says Daily Mail

Carolyn Moynihan | 20 September 2010
The Daily Mail has just published online a great wrap-up of the papal visit with a fantastic photo selection showing the face of British Catholicism.

Crowd of 60,000 welcomes the Pope in Glasgow

Carolyn Moynihan | 17 September 2010
London Telegraph blogger Damian Thompson says the Papal Mass in Glasgow on the first day of Pope Benedict's visit to the UK was a "spiritual triumph".

The Pope and those life-saving stem cells

Patrick Cusworth | 16 September 2010
Pope Benedict’s arrival in the UK for his state visit to Britain has developed significant discussion on the Catholic belief, particularly around Church teaching on moral issues. The screening of Peter Tatchell’s documentary “The Trouble with the Pope” aimed various criticisms at the position taken by Rome on moral issues, including stem cell research. His insinuation that in his opposition to experiments using human embryos the Pope is callously blocking research that could lead to cures for terminally ill patients is as ridiculous as it is untrue.

A warm welcome from UK PM

Rome Reports | 16 September 2010
Prime Minister David Cameron has sent Pope Benedict XVI a “very warm welcome” to Britain ahead of his “incredibly important and historic visit”. “These will be a very special four days not just for our six million Catholics but for many people of faith right across Britain”, said Cameron. “This is the first ever Official Papal Visit to these shores. And it’s a great honour for our country", he added. “These will be a very special four days not just for our six million Catholics but for many people of faith right across Britain, and millions more watching around the world”.

Belgian court rules raid ‘disproportionate’

Kica Perez Warnisher | 15 September 2010
A police raid on Catholic Church sites in June was illegal, the Brussels Court of Appeals said on September 9. The court also held that measures taken were "disproportionate", and that documents seized must be returned and cannot be considered as valid evidence in any trial.

Belgian church scandal adds to Pope’s burdens

Carolyn Moynihan | 15 September 2010
The release last Friday of a report on sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy in Belgium added to Pope Benedict’s burdens as he prepares for his imminent visit to Britain.

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Pope Benedict goes where no pontiff has gone before…
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No “smoking gun” in Irish TV revelations
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Pope and clerical abuse: evidence for the defence
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US “surprised” at election of Benedict - Wikileaks
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