September Archive

Tatchell’s cant

Madeleine Teahan | 14 September 2010
‘The Problem With The Pope’ narrates a fascinating tale which begins in 1962 when the Second Vatican Council kicks off and the Church experiences the spritual equivalent of Britain’s first Isle of Wight Festival. Joseph Ratzinger was headlining, blasting out ‘Talking ‘Bout Your Liberation’ and the whole of the Catholic Church was smoking Peace and Love.

Tatchell’s rant

Chris Morgan | 14 September 2010
Peter Tatchell makes one honest statement in his programme on Channel 4 on Monday evening, "The Trouble With The Pope". At the start he declares "I have an issue with the Pope". What a pity he does not go on to state openly what his problem really is.

Critics of the Pope’s visit to the UK are a minority

Rome Reports | 12 September 2010
Francis Campbell, Britain's ambassador to the Vatican, has said that criticism in anticipation of the pope's visit to the UK is not widespread, nor representative of the views of most people.

Personal conversion, not changing ‘structures’, the remedy for clerical abuse

Rome Reports | 10 September 2010
This week, while speaking about the great twelfth century German nun and mystic St Hildegard of Bingen, Pope Benedict noted that she opposed a reform movement that wanted to change the whole Church in order to address individual clerical abuses.

August Archive

‘Papal cover-up’ critic wants lower ages of consent

Carolyn Moynihan | 26 August 2010
A high profile British homosexual activist wants the age of sexual consent lowered to 14. Peter Tatchell has called for Pope Benedict to be prosecuted for "covering up" clerical sexual abuse.

The Catholic Church has always gone through crises

La Figaro | 20 August 2010
Translation of an earlier post -- an interview in La Figaro with a young French intellectual who puts the clerical sexual abuse scandal in historical perspective.

Young French intellectual defends the Pope

Catholic Culture | 17 August 2010
A prominent young French intellectual has remarked that attacks on the Catholic Church reflect a general “instinct about the special purity of its mission.”

Kentucky sex abuse case against the Vatican dropped

Carolyn Moynihan | 10 August 2010
Three men who sought to hold the Vatican liable in an American court for sexual abuses by Roman Catholic priests are abandoning the case, according to a court motion filed Monday, the Associated Press reports.

July Archive

Benedict XVI seventh-oldest pope in history

Rome Reports | 21 July 2010
On July 19, 2010, Benedict XVI passed Gregory XIII to become the seventh-oldest pope in history.

The bad news from Brussels goes back a long way

Michael Cook | 20 July 2010
Sometimes I am glad that I cannot read other languages fluently. It insulates you from some pretty nasty stuff. But this news in the Brussels Journal should have emerged in the English-speaking world long ago because it helps to explain why the Catholic Church in Belgium has been racked by scandal in recent weeks.

Holier than thou in Times Square

Carolyn Moynihan | 18 July 2010
Whatever the Holy See does to correct the problem of clerical sexual abuse it is never enough for the Holy Office of The Holier Than Thou Media -- the editorial department of the New York Times. This bastion of sexual propriety has used the codification of norms dealing with "grave offences" by Catholics to once again attack the Vatican for not doing things exactly the way the high priests of the media would like.

New Vatican rules on abuse do not replace state laws

Rome Reports | 16 July 2010
The Vatican prosecutor for sex abuse cases has presented the new Church rules to combat sex abuse and to judge priests who have committed crimes more quickly.

Lawyers cannot judge institutions

Pietro De Marco | 09 July 2010
A United States sexual abuse case alleging Vatican responsibility shows the legal profession over-reaching itself, says an Italian professor.

Mandatory reporting of child porn possession by priests under new church rules

Rome Reports | 08 July 2010
New rules will consolidate existing norms.

Keeping ‘the case’ against Pope Benedict simmering

Sheila Liaugminas | 03 July 2010
The New York Times has stirred its pot of selected facts about clerical child abuse and the Pope, again, in a 4000-word ramble.

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