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Abuse suit against the Vatican can proceed

Kica Perez Warnisher | 02 July 2010
June 29 was the final day of the U.S. Supreme Court's 2009-2010 term. The high Court declined to hear an appeal by the Vatican in the case of Holy See v. John Doe, which allows the case to proceed in an Oregon court.

June Archive

Belgian police raids ‘deplorable’ says Pope

Carolyn Moynihan | 29 June 2010
It is not often that the Pope comments directly on the unfolding of the sexual abuse crisis, but the actions of Belgian authorities last week stung Benedict into denouncing them on Sunday as “surprising and deplorable”.

Book addresses pedophilia in the Church

Rome Reports | 21 June 2010
Confronted with the problem of sexual abuses committed by priests, the Pope has asked for clarity. That's what two psychologist-priests hope to find with the book, The Church and Pedophilia: An Open Wound. (Video)

Defrocking not always the best punishment

Kica Perez Warnisher | 20 June 2010
The Church's law provides for various punishments when her sons or daughters go astray, but in the case of priest sexual abusers, perhaps the most serious canonical punishment is not always the best one, according to one canon lawyer.

Media dwelt on allegations against the Pope—Pew study

Carolyn Moynihan | 14 June 2010
Americans might find it difficult to believe but a Pew Research Center analysis of the media coverage of the recent clergy sexual abuse scandal shows that English-language European newspapers published three times as many articles on the scandal as U.S. papers did.

‘God works through the ministry of weak and fallen human persons’

Kica Perez Warnisher | 14 June 2010
Pope Benedict said said that it was no coincidence that the sex-abuse scandal struck during a year set aside for celebration of the priesthood.

‘We cannot tolerate conduct unworthy of priestly life’ Benedict tells priests’ gathering

Rome Reports | 13 June 2010
“Today we can see that it has nothing to do with love when conduct unworthy of the priestly life is tolerated,"

‘Celibacy is a great sign of faith’

Rome Reports | 11 June 2010
At a meeting in St Peters Square with thousands of priests to mark the end of the Year of the Priest, Pope Benedict prayed for an end of scandals.

‘Hell and damnation’ warning for abusive priests

Kica Perez Warnisher | 03 June 2010
The Vatican's top sexual abuser prosecutor did not mince words when condemning the abuse of children during a homily given at St Peter's at the weekend. He said that priests who abused children would suffer more in hell because of their sacred profession -- if they failed to acknowledge their sins.

La donna non e mobile

Michael Cook | 03 June 2010
The earthquake of scandal has passed; it is now the season of aftershocks. These range from painfully unsettling to tragicomic. In the latter category belongs an open letter to the Pope from concubines of Italian priests who demand an end to priestly celibacy.

At last, all the facts between two covers

Michael Cook | 02 June 2010
Getting there firstest with the mostest is the way to win wars, according to Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. A couple of Catholic journalists for Our Sunday Visitor, Gregory Erlandson and Matthew Bunson, have taken this to heart and rushed to press with a crisp, clear account of the recent turmoil in the Catholic Church.

Vatican announces ‘apostolic visitation’ of Irish dioceses

Carolyn Moynihan | 01 June 2010
"Following the Holy Father’s Letter to the Catholics of Ireland, the Apostolic Visitation of certain Irish dioceses, seminaries and religious congregations will begin in autumn of this year." So begins a statement issued by the Vatican today which names four Catholic prelates to act as apostolic visitors to four Irish dioceses where sexual abuse has been a particular issue.

May Archive

Flogging a red herring

Carolyn Moynihan | 31 May 2010
Why is the Associated Press putting out a long story about why Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger could not authorize the instant defrocking of a priest in the 1980s and giving it a heading suggesting he was at fault: “Future pope refused defrocking of convicted priest”?

Pope to priests: ‘penance, forgiveness, justice’

Rome Reports | 29 May 2010
Benedict XVI showed again the necessity of penance, forgiveness and justice to overcome the cases of sexual abuse committed by priests.

US government not keen on suits against the Vatican

Kica Perez Warnisher | 27 May 2010
As we might have expected, efforts by American lawyers to sue the Vatican and/or the Pope over sexual abuse in their country are not finding favour on high. In a strongly worded brief for the United States Supreme Court, the U.S government has taken the side of the Vatican in an Oregon lawsuit that names the Holy See as a defendant for its role in the sexual abuse crisis.

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