You can help shine the light of truth

All around us truth is being censored... And censured.

Increasingly, truth-tellers are being shut down and reviled; rendered outcasts by an aggressively progressive, supposedly permissive culture.

Relativism and subjectivity rule the day – and woe to he who will not yield.

Friend, our culture is turning its back on reality itself, growing evermore hostile to even the most absolute of truths.

In this day we are witnesses of a great darkness of hearts and minds; a destructive ignorance borne of wilful blindness.

But blanketed in darkness, the light of truth shines its brightest.

That's why MercatorNet, powered by valued readers like you, exists.

To be that light – an independent voice fearlessly speaking truth into the night.

And this is why I'm asking for your support today – to keep our light shining bright; the truth online for all to see.

By giving today, you'll ensure our online community continues to be informed and passionate truth seekers and speakers in a world in which truth is perishing.

Together, we can shine a light into the void.