August Archive

Olympics in the social media age

Katie Hinderer | 04 August 2012
While we are all anxiously waiting to see which events our country wins in the days ahead, the summer Olympics are already breaking records and creating buzz – social media buzz, that is.

When you’re hiding, it must be wrong

Katie Hinderer | 02 August 2012
A college friend of mine is a TV news anchor for a major city. She’s covered a number of difficult topics and done some great interviews, but the story that was the hardest to cover… finding women to go on camera and talk about reading 50 Shades of Grey

July Archive

How to orchestrate a successful set-up

Tamara El-Rahi | 30 July 2012
The art of the romantic set-up is a tricky process. If you’ve watched one take place, you probably saw emotions ranging from acute awkwardness to utter obliviousness.

No Holds Barred: frank discussions with young people

Alex Perrottet | 23 July 2012
What do young people care about? What are their concerns, dreams, worries, aspirations and fears?

Violence against women, Australia says…

Bernard Toutounji | 14 July 2012
It may seem on face value that Australia is serious about stamping out abuse but I wonder just how serious we really are. While all these sorts of campaigns are of some value they fall into the interesting category of a secular government trying to teach morality.

Wasting products (and money)

Katie Hinderer | 12 July 2012
I've declared July and August to be the months of Good To The Last Drop. I'm going to refrain from buying new products and work on using the ones I have here, even if that means using ones I don't love but still work fine.

Why eat at the dinner table?

Bernard Toutounji | 11 July 2012
What accounts for this decline in families eating together today though? The data seems to point to two main issues: Overworked parents and overscheduled children. When mum and dad get home in the evening they are soon in the car again to whisk the children off to sport, music, tutoring, church activities and a host of other events.

The desire to never have children

Katie Hinderer | 01 July 2012
there is something seriously wrong with women around my age. Why are so many of them shying away from children and motherhood? Why do they actively work to keep children at bay until it is biologically impossible?

June Archive

Learning to swim through an engagement

Bernard Toutounji | 28 June 2012
Before proposing we were just a couple of teenagers hanging out and in an instant we had become adults! I have realised that being engaged does not fill you with some upgraded type of love, the love you have continues, but with a new, more serious goal in sight.

Do Fights Make the Relationship?

Katie Hinderer | 26 June 2012
This concept that boisterous fighting makes for good romantic relationships is certainly not new, although I do think it is a millennial generation idea.

The summer of the modest swimsuit

Katie Hinderer | 24 June 2012
This summer, for the first time in my life, the one-piece bathing suit is popular!

The problem with Fifty Shades of Grey

Katie Hinderer | 06 June 2012
Their argument is that Fifty Shades of Grey is merely a book and what’s the big deal if people enjoy it in the comfort of their own homes? Here are a few reasons I have a problem with Fifty Shades of Grey

A fashion magazine worth subscribing to

Katie Hinderer | 04 June 2012
The fashion magazine, which launched its first issue at the end of May, is aimed to fill a void that exists in the world of fashion magazines today. The creators hoped to build something that catered to what young women today were really going through.

Top Summer Fashion Trends

Katie Hinderer | 02 June 2012
Summer trends for 2012

May Archive

Zuckerberg clothing choices

Katie Hinderer | 31 May 2012
By wearing a sweatshirt and jeans to meet with business professionals, who were no doubt in business suits, he sent the message that this meeting wasn’t important enough for him to dress up for.

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