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Protesting Lady Gaga

Katie Hinderer | 29 May 2012
people are speaking out against Lady Gaga and her near pornographic concerts – and it’s making a difference!

To arrange a marriage or not to

Tamara El-Rahi | 28 May 2012
I’m not going to try and tell you that we should all be getting arranged marriages - I myself shudder at the thought. But I do think we can learn from them – in my extensive network of Sri Lankan relatives and family friends, I have never seen one that didn’t work out.

The norm of cohabitation

Bernard Toutounji | 22 May 2012
While cohabitation is billed as an important way to get to know the other person and ensure a more secure future marriage there is really no evidence to back that up.

TV and the manipulation of emotions

Katie Hinderer | 19 May 2012
In my opinion, too many people allow their emotions to be manipulated by the externals of a TV show – the costume, the scenery, the music, the fluttery feeling you have when two of your favorite characters are together. Not enough viewers look critically at these shows. Not enough step back and consider how they would truly feel if this happened to them.

Are electronic games making us stupid?

Bernard Toutounji | 17 May 2012
However, my assertion is that far more is to be gained by never playing electronic games than mastering such games and then looking for the supposed benefits.

The politics of clothing choices

Katie Hinderer | 16 May 2012
As a fashion blogger, I certainly am interested in what Michelle Obama was wearing on the Jay Leno show (a J. Crew sweater) or what Ann Romney wears while campaigning with her husband. At the same time I don’t think these clothing items should be fodder for personal ire with a candidate or his wife.

Thinspo inspiration is anything but

Katie Hinderer | 08 May 2012
My value comes from more than a side-by-side comparison to a complete stranger or even a good friend. My value is from being human, from working hard, from loving others, from being one small cog in this wheel of the world. It saddens me to see how many people feel they aren't beautiful or worthwhile unless they are thin.

Fifty Shades isn’t really so grey

Katie Hinderer | 05 May 2012
Fifty Shades of Grey is about to be 50% harder to avoid – or worse. Now, the best-selling ebook, which is nothing more than pornography thinly veiled as ‘literature,’ now has a movie deal.

What I learned as a year-old indie author

Katie Hinderer | 03 May 2012
As I debated the indie route for my second book, I realized this year has taught me a lot about the entire process. Here’s what I've learned during my first year as an indie author.

Should a guy pursue the girl, or vice versa?

Tamara El-Rahi | 01 May 2012
Should a guy pursue the girl, or vice versa?

April Archive

SM: Chance to connect with people we would have never known

Katie Hinderer | 11 April 2012
In all honesty I would say I have a number of friends thanks to social media. These are friends I have not met. They are people I would not have ever been in touch with if social media didn’t exist.

SM: Easier access to research, documents

Katie Hinderer | 09 April 2012
We don’t have to take the information that someone else is summarizing for us, we can go a search and find the original documents ourselves.

SM: A return to the classics

Katie Hinderer | 06 April 2012
Most people I know wish they had more time to read good literature. With the internet and social media it is even easier to make sure I get in that bit of culture.

Where is the respect for other relationships?

Tamara El-Rahi | 04 April 2012
I think people these days forget to think before they act.

Why I like The Hunger Games

Katie Hinderer | 02 April 2012
From the moment I found myself engrossed in the book I have had a love for The Hunger Games. And while I will admit that I was disappointed with the end of the series, I think this is an excellent young adult series.

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