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Chastity in the sporting world

In the United States the American Football season starts today. Sports commentary has started in earnest and will only increase with tonight’s first kick-off. With that, comes the constant barrage of reports analyzing the player’s personal lives. Who is dating who, who bought a new super fast sports car, who got busted for drunk driving, etc…

Tim Tebow, the now famous Christian quarterback is no exception to media interest. Only, he isn’t in the limelight for his philandering ways or his spending binges. He’s analyzed, criticized and examined because he is an openly chaste Christian. In a world where it is the major exception to be a virgin at the age of 25, Tebow is an anomaly. Add to that the media limelight, the popularity and hero-worship of sports figures and the $1.9 million salary he will receive this year – it is an even more astounding fact that he is keeping to the promise of chastity.

His mentality and wholesomeness boggles the minds of people today. How could he swear off sex? How can he constantly turn down all the offers he is sure to have from the female fans? How does he find anyone to date?

Part of me doesn’t even care how he does as the New York Jets’ quarterback. By putting out the message that sexual relations are meant for something more than a third date or a night of fun, he’s doing a much more important job than throwing a pigskin down the field. His personal convictions are making people sit up and take notice. The New York Times wrote an article about Tebow’s chastity, his move to New York and the other local young people who are also trying to live this way.

I’ve said it before, but I think Tim Tebow is the type of sports figure we should admire. Forget the ones living with celebrity-models. Tebow’s the real deal.

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